Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

A guide for ENGL 2501 and ENGL 3801

Why DO people talk to reporters after a tragedy?

Something we discussed in multiple classes this semester is this: in the aftermath of a tragedy (a shooting, a car crash, etc.), how do you ask survivors or family members … Continue reading

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30 Ways To Piss Off Reporters

A list for my journalism students…

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Friday’s hashtag: #ECKyle. Welcome Boston magazine’s Kyle Clauss back to journalism class!

The last time Kyle Clauss visited my 8 a.m. journalism class, he arrived around 8:30 a.m. Blame the weather. Blame the traffic. Blame karma — Kyle has a history of … Continue reading

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Some additional reading/listening on mass shootings

This, unfortunately, turns out to be the semester when we talk about mass shootings. Our scheduled class discussion on the media’s coverage of the Charleston church shootings was Friday — … Continue reading

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Meet Friday’s class speaker: Lara Salahi

Usually when I have a class speaker, I introduce them with an anecdote about what they’re like at work, about stories we’ve worked on together. I cannot do this with … Continue reading

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Dispirited but not defeated

Originally posted on Cuaderno Inédito:
I don’t know about you, fellow freelancers, but the past eight weeks have felt like “The Twilight Zone” when it comes to getting paid.…

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A case of hazing in Chelmsford — and a whole lot of redacted documents

Take a look at the lead story in the Sunday Sun, where my colleague Alana Melanson details an allegation of hazing at Chelmsford High School involving a 2013 summer retreat … Continue reading

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Good morning @EmmanuelCollege and welcome to the newsroom!

Trying to figure out what horrific news topic to lead off with in my fall journalism class, writing "ENTIRE CLASS IS TRIGGER WARNING." — Jenn Lord Paluzzi (@lordpaluzzi) July 5, … Continue reading

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Letter from the (?!) editor: Welcome to the Millis Monitor

Originally posted on The Millis Monitor:
So, hello. Everybody’s here. We have snacks. Thanks for coming. To be honest, this is a little weird for me. I’m nervous. I graduated Millis…

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Follow along on Boston Marathon Day as @EmmanuelCollege journalists report their final #ECBM

  It has been a challenging few months for my Emmanuel College students, between the snowstorms that wiped out classes during the first part of the semester and their professor’s demands … Continue reading

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