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Some additional reading/listening on mass shootings

Evidence seized by Lowell police

Evidence seized by Lowell police

This, unfortunately, turns out to be the semester when we talk about mass shootings. Our scheduled class discussion on the media’s coverage of the Charleston church shootings was Friday — just a day after yet another gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College.

On the Media, an NPR podcast I highly recommend, devoted an extra to the shootings and the question that tends to be raised in the aftermath of mass shootings: Should the media not mention the name of the killer, for fear of inspiring copycats?

And here’s a fascinating article in Mother Jones which talks about the copycat phenomena and efforts to detect people who are likely to turn to violence — and what happened when support for one such person was removed.

One last article from the New York Times: a look at how recent shooters obtained their guns.


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