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Friday’s hashtag: #ECKyle. Welcome Boston magazine’s Kyle Clauss back to journalism class!

sO20YtVDThe last time Kyle Clauss visited my 8 a.m. journalism class, he arrived around 8:30 a.m.

Blame the weather. Blame the traffic. Blame karma — Kyle has a history of criticising journalism class speakers, and that was the day his notorious Journalism Speaker Cliche Bingo card was turned on him.

On Friday, we’re whipping out the Bingo cards and bringing #ECKyle back to Twitter when Kyle, my former Lowell Sun colleague, becomes my first repeat speaker at Emmanuel College.

Why Kyle? Since he last came to class in January, his journalism career has completely changed. He’s gone from chasing goats at The Sun to throwing down FOIAs and writing about the now-defunct Boston 2024 Olympics for Boston magazine, where he works as a digital reporter. You may have seen him pontificating on WGBH or NECN; you might have caught some of his hockey coverage.

Don’t worry about it all going to his head, though. He still has to write stories about really big pumpkins.

The infamous Bingo card

The infamous Bingo card

You can find more about Kyle’s background, Bingo card-writing and his star-crossed love affair with the creature who shall forever be known as the Lowell Goat in this post.

Hashtag for the day: #ECKyle. Heather and Sam have the class record of 41 Tweets each from #ECLS; there’s a Starbucks card on the line for the student who Tweets the most this time around.

P.S. We’re going to have a number of my former students in class Friday. While they are encouraged to live-Tweet, they are not eligible for the Starbucks crown!


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