Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

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Follow along on Boston Marathon Day as @EmmanuelCollege journalists report their final #ECBM


It has been a challenging few months for my Emmanuel College students, between the snowstorms that wiped out classes during the first part of the semester and their professor’s demands (Sorry about the April Fool’s video joke, Writing for Electronic Media students. Many apologies for forcing you to read Dr. V’s Magical Putter, Introduction to Journalism students. Thanks for putting up with the cough from hell, both classes).

On Monday, they will march out in the rain (again with the weather, Mother Nature?) for their final project: Covering the Boston Marathon. Introduction to Journalism students have chosen specific runners to follow and will incorporate details from watching the race themselves into their profiles as well as shooting a photo gallery; Writing for Electronic Media students are writing a story of their choosing focusing on a specific detail of the race, shooting video and photos and creating a Storify.

The first student started Tweeting using the hashtag #ECBM on Sunday. Expect to see that hashtag popping up on Twitter all through Patriots Day.

Follow their progress on Rebel Mouse, below (the 2014 Tweets are from last year’s students).


One comment on “Follow along on Boston Marathon Day as @EmmanuelCollege journalists report their final #ECBM

  1. greatergrafton
    April 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on Greater Grafton and commented:

    Best of luck to Grafton’s Boston Marathon runners! My Emmanuel College students will be reporting the Marathon live as part of their final. Follow their progress on Twitter with the hashtag #ECBM or check out the live feed on my linked class site, below.

    Here’s who is taking on 26.2 miles from Grafton, starting with their bib numbers (track their progress on

    30601 Berube, Joe 42
    7510 Callaghan, James 45
    27075 Cintron, Rebecca D. 60
    30153 Craven, Deirdre R. 24
    6581 Fiore, Dan 44
    27697 Lurie, Jonathan 46
    16691 Shumeyko, Robert D. 58
    28548 Walsh, Kenneth W. 37
    26056 Warfield, Maggie M. 41
    26814 Bartosiewicz, Ann K. 49
    24204 Godin, Tammy 51 F
    17091 Malone, Emily 21 F
    28404 Read, Judith A. 49 F
    30380 Tucker, Casey G. 32
    25685 Webber, Courtney A. 38
    27103 Boris, Matt 42
    28416 Springer, Noah U. 33

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