Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

A guide for ENGL 2501 and ENGL 3801

We need to talk about #Ferguson

Fridays have turned into a brainstorming/discussion day in Feature Writing and this week is no exception. We’re going to talk about the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo., sparked by the … Continue reading

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Why I make my journalism students follow me on Twitter

On an average night in my job at the Lowell Sun, I keep a virtual eye on the reporters. The city hall reporter may be covering City Council, the town … Continue reading

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The day my Emmanuel College students made #ECMark trend on Twitter

Woah so this happened @jpaluzziSun — Erin Buckley (@EBucks15) April 4, 2014 Rofling very hard that #ECMark is trending is Massachusetts right now — Drew F. Jordan (@DrewFoxJordan) April … Continue reading

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Live-Tweeting gives a lesson in breaking news

Got my notes ready; all set to go be live-tweeted by @jpaluzzisun's students at Emmanuel #eckatie — Katie Lannan (@katielannan) March 5, 2014 It’s spring break at Emmanuel College … Continue reading

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Tweet this: Wednesday’s class speaker is The Sun’s Katie Lannan #ECKatie

On the surface, my Lowell Sun co-worker, Katie Lannan, is a live-Tweeting alpaca enthusiast. Don’t let the youthful exterior fool you. She may have been out of college for just … Continue reading

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If a tweet looks too good to be true, grab a screenshot NOW

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:
Thanks to conservative Texas Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick for this illustration of why you should edit tweets with rigor: Preserved for history. RT…

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Tell me a Storify

Words my children never said to me: “Tweet me a story, Mom.” Of course, they were born before most social media. Pregnancy with my son coincided with my first email … Continue reading

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The gentle art of live-Tweeting

I missed the address, but Tewksbury has a report of "something huge in the roadway." Caller doesn't know what it is. I hope it's a dinosaur. — Robert Mills (@Robert_Mills) … Continue reading

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