Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

A guide for ENGL 2501 and ENGL 3801

Introducing EC Reporter, a site by and for Emmanuel College students

This is my second year teaching Writing for Electronic Media at Emmanuel College and when I looked at last year’s syllabus (confession: it was the first one I’ve ever written), I decided to tear it up and start fresh.

I retained the final Boston Marathon project, with numerous changes. I kept the requirement that students file all of their writing assignments online. I gave them a change of venue: rather than create their own Word Press blogs, this semester, they will be functioning as the staff of a new online magazine, EC Reporter.

Their first stories, in which they interview each other, are popping up today, with a few technical issues. Next week, they will actually start work on their midterm project, a “Best ____” feature. They will be choosing their topic, coming up with two to five candidates, posting a poll on the website and using social media to draw traffic to their poll. The winner, by a certain date, will be their midterm topic, which will include a story and short video.

Here’s an example of a poll, by the way. If you’re posting in Word Press, you’ll see an “Add Poll” button. Create, pick out your preferred display, enter a question and answers. Save and click “Embed.” Easy, right?

EC Reporter now has its own Twitter handle, @ecreporter. Give it a follow — starting next week, when students post to the blog, each will be automatically linked on the account.


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