Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

A guide for ENGL 2501 and ENGL 3801

In case of flying pork products, take photos

This morning, when I met with my Spring 2015 Introduction to Journalism students for the first time, I tried to explain what why the profession is so appealing. The best I could come up with: it’s never the same day twice.

MetroWest Daily News crime reporter Norman Miller — aka “The Beer Nut” or, to last semester’s students, as the guy who had to skip speaking in class because he was too darned busy with news — can attest to that. You may have heard about the woman who threw sausage and bacon at Framingham police in late December. What you may not have realized is the entire incident happened while Norm was picking up the police reports at the station, something which was captured on video that was finally released to the paper this week:

Keep your eye on Norm. He barely even raises an eyebrow. He smiles, takes a few photos (he says eight, very quickly) and then calmly goes back to his police reports.

Usually, when I talk about breaking news in class, I talk in terms of fires, the days when you have to drop everything and run to an event. This may be even better.


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This entry was posted on January 14, 2015 by in Covering Crime, Journalism.

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