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We need to talk about #Ferguson

J.B. Forbes / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

J.B. Forbes / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Fridays have turned into a brainstorming/discussion day in Feature Writing and this week is no exception. We’re going to talk about the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo., sparked by the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown.

Frankly, when I wrote my syllabus back in August, I thought I would have more of a handle on what to say. Let’s be blunt: I’m a 47-year-old white woman who has spent most of her life covering Massachusetts. The closest I’ve come to a riot has been getting caught in Kenmore Square in 1986 when the Boston Red Sox made it into the World Series and I witnessed people flipping over a Pizza Pad delivery truck.

Ferguson is beyond my experience. It’s beyond my students’ experience. We’re going to butt heads over it anyway.

Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery is still on the ground there — he was briefly arrested back in August — and I would suggest you follow his Twitter feed.

I’d like students to take a look at coverage of Ferguson since August, particularly in light of this weekend’s Pumpkin Fest riots up at Keene State College. In fact, here’s a thought:

Some reading:


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