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Boston Marathon 2014 aftermath: Sunburned students, happy professor

The 118th running of the Boston Marathon went off without a hitch and my small army of Emmanuel College students were on the sidelines covering it every step of the way.  I’m still seeing Tweets coming in as of this writing as students send out still more photos and videos — with all of the world live-Tweeting their day, cell coverage was a bit difficult for some on the Marathon sidelines.

An easier look at the full Rebel Mouse of their coverage than my previous entry is here.

Here’s the thing — because of the expected crowds and last year’s bombing, I strongly recommended that they avoid Boylston Street and the finish line entirely. I even said, since this was a crowd story, they didn’t even have to be on the sidelines for the first runners’ finish.

But there are journalism students, and I’ve been telling them all semester that they need to trust their instincts when it comes to reporting a story, even if that means ignoring their editor. So, when I checked my Twitter feed around 8 a.m….

And later:

I told the students to interview more people and take more pictures than they thought they’d ever need. We’re going to talk on Wednesday on how to deploy them. Some of my favorites:

(All that green? Gatorade cups passed out to runners. Victoria had a great eye for capturing details like this.)

(Shannon and several other students remembered that security was part of the  story this year, and photographed to document.)

(Erin at one point was stationed inside the Kenmore Square Barnes & Noble, apparently taking my advice to look for high ground for another angle when possible.)

(I’m going to note here that Elizabeth walked, I believe, from Cleveland Circle down to Kenmore before security stopped her from getting to Boylston. Every time I looked at my feed, she was Tweeting from another location. Nice job!)

Stories are due on their blogs by next Wednesday and… wow, that semester went by fast.



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