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The day my Emmanuel College students made #ECMark trend on Twitter

How many Tweets does it take to make a non-Red Sox Tweet trend on the day of their home opener? Apparently, somewhere around 582.

That’s the total number of in-class Tweets sent out by my Introduction to Journalism and Writing for Electronic Media classes this morning during Boston Globe reporter Mark Arsenault’s visit.

Our winners from Intro to Journalism, with a total of 201 student Tweets:

Honora Clemmey with 46 Tweets takes the Starbucks card crown from Drew Jordan, who tied with 25 Tweets with Briana Raucci, followed by Erin Buckley with 20 Tweets and Elizabeth Smith with 17.

And in Writing for Electronic Media, which Tweeted out 381 Tweets — admittedly, it’s a larger class, but the competition was fierce:

Paige Kennery with 67 Tweets retains her Starbucks crown. Possibly the caffeine goes right to her fingertips? She had fierce competition from Briana Raucci, who whipped out 54 Tweets; Abby Thivierge with 44 Tweets; Emily Tourtillotte with 33 Tweets and Allyson Dion with 28 Tweets.

Students in my Electronic Media class also heard about an interesting period in Mark’s career: his visits to notorious Rhode Island serial killer Craig Price over a period of two years, which resulted in a series for the Providence Journal and a topic for his novel, “Grave Writer.”

The series appears to be not available online, but I found a cached version.

Here’s the link to my Storify of the morning’s Tweets — including a few spambots that decided to hop on a trending-in-Boston hashtag.

This will be our last visitor for the semester, but the students have one last live-Tweet assignment: on Patriots Day, they will be covering the Boston Marathon and reporting live from the sidelines.

Not everyone is a fan of the live-Tweeting, however.


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