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“Is there video?” Adding moving pictures to online stories

Before you play this clip I want to offer up, in my own defense, that reporter Daniel Castro volunteered to do this.

Reporter Lindsay Corcoran also volunteered for this.

And this video, which I innocently posted to YouTube back in 2009, has, as of this posting, nearly 250,000 views. I’m still not sure why it’s so popular with Russians. It occasionally goes viral and gets embedded on random sites, prompting a whole mess of comments from animal rights activists. And yes, the cow is fine and happy and spoiled rotten — and completely blase about the fact that people frequently put their entire arms into her stomach.

If you’re reporting for a news organization that has an online platform — let’s face it, that’s probably all of them at this point — chances are, you will be shooting video. It may be something as minor as Tout — short clips meant to be shared via social media, usually off your phone — or something more longform.

So, you’ve shot your video. What are you going to do with it?

My original class plan was to demonstrate editing but there’s an issue — I have students shooting video using multiple types of phones and cameras, with each using a different type of laptop or tablet which all have different video editing tools — if they have them at all.

Covering my bases, some tutorials and online video editors:


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