Creating Journalists at Emmanuel College

A guide for ENGL 2501 and ENGL 3801

Live-Tweeting gives a lesson in breaking news

It’s spring break at Emmanuel College this week, but I wanted to link to the Storify of all the class Tweets of Sun reporter Katie Lannan’s visit. Katie was an interesting speaker for the students, especially given the amount of experience she has at just the start of her career, and she was game for the multi-media I threw into the mix: a live Twitter wall and a challenge to the Writing for Electronic Media students to add video using the Tout app.

Just to make things visually interesting and to live up to my promise to Katie that I would have alpacas in class, I scheduled Tweets featuring alpaca memes (which ultimately did not show up as photos on the ScribbleLive feed on the wall — boooo). To make sure thumbs were flying throughout class, I offered a Starbucks card as a prize to whoever Tweeted the most.

Things I like about using Twitter during class:

  • It’s the closest I can get to a live, breaking news event.
  • I can see the students developing a good ear for a quote, especially when I have several students picking up the same quote.
  • This is something they will use in real life, whether they’re going into journalism or another form of communications.
  • Having the Twitter wall increases the competition to get something on display.
  • They’re definitely paying attention.

Top Tweeter in Intro to Journalism, with 23 Tweets:

Top Tweeter in Writing for Electronic Media, with 30 Tweets:

In second in BOTH classes, with 16 in Intro and 27 in Electronic, and definitely getting a Starbucks card as well:


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