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No school at Emmanuel Wednesday — time to write about weather


A sledder wipes out in Grafton. Photo by Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

I’ve instant-messaged, emailed and Tweeted earlier today, and now I’m adding a note to the blog: I called off class before Emmanuel College officially canceled classes for Wednesday, but I’m giving everyone an assignment.

It’s the dreaded weather story.

  • Watch an hour of local television news and observe the reporters. How often are they repeating themselves? Are you learning any new information? Is anyone building a snowman, having a snowball fight, standing earnestly on the coastline talking about how a house once fell into the ocean at that spot and another house may be next?
  • Interview five people. Just pick them at random. We call it a “man on the street” in the business. Ask them what they think about snow essentially calling off all programming for the day, because it’s January in New England and white stuff is falling from the sky. I have a more exact wording in the email (which you should be checking, because I’m going to use it A LOT this semester for assignments like this).
  • Take a picture of the winter wonderland. If there are people in the photo, identify them.
  • Put together a weather story based on all of the above, post it with your photo, and have it on your blog by the start of class Friday.

One last thing — bring your laptops to class Friday. We are going to go through Word Press until every last blog is set up and every link is on my list.


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